reductoare fabricate la RRRThe product range of RESITA REDUCTOARE SI REGENERABILE S.A. includes high performance gear units for steelmaking and steel processing plants, mining, chemical and cement industries, and ship propulsion plants, manufactured to international standards.

Since 1991 the production capacities were extended to include also sophisticated planetary and turbo gear units for high-speed equipment such as power stations and compressor plants.

reductoare fabricate la RRR

RESITA REDUCTOARE SI REGENERABILE S.A. is producing gear units for the mine working industry, the metallurgic, iron and steel industry, the chemical, petrochemical and plastic materials, gear units for coal and cement mills. We also deliver our products to the power industry. In the transportation domain we are present with gear units for urban and railway conveyance and marine industry.

RESITA REDUCTOARE SI REGENERABILE S.A. provides worldwide service for its products.

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